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Quality inspection system
The production process inspection specifications
XD/QEO - 03-17
01、 首检规定:挤塑工序(外观、尺寸、基膜拉伸强度、断裂伸长率)和涂布工序(外观、胶层厚
01, first checking regulation: extrusion process (appearance, size, base film tensile strength, elongation at break) and coating process (appearance, rubber thickness
度、剥离强度) 。注:基膜拉伸强度、断裂伸长率、剥离强度为首检项目。
Degrees, peel strength). Note: the base film tensile strength, elongation at break, peel strength, led project.
02、 检验项目:外观 100%抽样;测量:随机。
02, inspection items: 100% sampling appearance; Measurements: random.
03、 采用随机抽样的方法:每班检查不少于 4 次,每次抽样不少于 10%。可随时根据实际情况增加
03, adopt the method of random sampling: each class to check not less than 4 times, each time sampling of not less than 10%. May at any time according to the actual situation
Or reduce the sample number and make inspection records, for the existing problems to immediately correct, take measures and records.
04、 在上一工序发行下来的产品在包装前,包装工序操作人员都要逐个检查,确保无误后,才能进
04, in a process issue down the product before packaging, packaging process operating personnel to inspect, after be sure to come in
Packaging, such as poor teaching plans in addition to the unqualified products over two, the process operators shall be refused for packaging.
05、 包装及外观:每班抽样 100%。
05, packaging and appearance: 100% sampling in each shift.
06、 尺寸:按照合同货订单规定,厚度范围为±5%,每班抽样不少于 10 卷。
06, size: according to the regulations of the contract goods orders, the thickness range of plus or minus 5%, sampling of not less than 10 volume in each shift.
07、 拉伸强度和断裂伸长率:每班不少于 2 个试样。
07, the tensile strength and elongation at break: not less than 2 samples in each shift.
08、 剥离强度:每班不少于 2 个试样。
08, peel strength: not less than 2 samples in each shift.
09、 胶粘带规定储存温度为-20~35℃,并注意防潮、防阳光直射。
09, adhesive tape storage temperature is 20 ~ 35 ℃, and pay attention to moistureproof, prevent direct sunlight.
10、 成品检验中发现一项不合格项,该产品即判定为不合格品,对于检验项目,若在抽检样本中,
10, finished product inspection found in an unqualified item, the product is judged to be nonconforming, for inspection items, if in the random sample,
发现不合格品数:外观包装大于 2%,即改版生产产品不合格并且立即采取纠正和预防措施。
Found unqualified emitting: appearance packaging is more than 2%, the revised production product is unqualified and take immediate corrective and preventive actions.

Factory inspection system
Finished goods inspection specifications
XD/QEO - 03-18
01、 出厂检验项目(抽样检验项目的抽样方案采用 GB2828) :
01, factory inspection project (using GB2828 sampling method of sampling inspection items) :
包装外观(产品标志等) :100%抽样。外观不合格数超过 2%则潘该批产品为不合格。
Packaging (product appearance marks, etc.) : 100% sampling. Appearance unqualified number of more than 2%, pan this batch of unqualified products.
尺寸: (基膜、胶层) IL=S-2,一次抽样,AQL=2.5,取平均值;如有一项不合格应加倍抽样,
Size: (basal membrane, rubber) IL = S - 2, a sampling AQL = 2.5, average; If there is a unqualified should double sampling,
Still not qualified, pan this batch of products is unqualified.
Peel strength: IL = S - 2, a sampling AQL = 2.5, average; If you have an unqualified should double sampling, are still not qualified
Pan this batch of products is unqualified.
Tensile strength, elongation at break: a process inspection results as factory inspection results.
02、 对于出厂检验抽样中单位产品任何一项不合格,即判该产品不合格。
02, for factory inspection sampling unit in any unqualified product, which found that the product is unqualified.
03、 长期停产后恢复生产必须进行形式检验。
03, after long-term production to resume production must be in the form of inspection.
04、 检查批:由采用同种原材料连续生产的、同种设备、同种工艺。且生产周期不大于 6 个月的单
04, check the batch: by using the same continuous production of raw materials, the same equipment, the same process. And the production cycle is not more than 6 months
A product.
05、 出厂检验抽查项目,在开始时,严格程度采用正常检查,以后严格程度转移规则 GB2828 第 4.6
05, factory inspection, sampling, in the beginning, stringency using normal inspection, after strict GB2828 transfer rule 4.6


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